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 The original owner stepped down or something and so did the next it was passed on to, so then it was given to me.
SO YES say hi to your new owner I guess :'3c I promise to do my best!

Also soon enough I'll make an overall FAQ for this comm along with other things, but right now I'll just answer questions as they come... and post them on this entry for now! Ones I have gotten so farrr:

Q. Do we have to cut our adoptable posts?
A. Yes, but with this we recommend making thumbnails of a select few of the adoptables you're posting and cut below said thumbnails- this is to help garner interest to what you're giving/selling and make it easier to tell what's in store for those who look under the cut :333

Over and out for now! ♥

lily blushu
We are currently working on a site, and as we do so, the layout on the community will be wonky as certain styles are being tested to see what works better. Please be patient!

W E L C O M E! +rules
lily blushu
Welcome to dawdoptables! We are an open and accepting community for those of you who want to share your creations with everyone, and while at the same time making some money on the side. :3

But, like all communities, we have a list of rules you MUST follow in order to enjoy being a part of us. Here's the run down:


  • Use premade lineart YOU DID NOT MAKE! You are free to use a base for what you've made, however. No useage of other's lineart!

  • Directly recolor a design. (I.E, leaving the same exact markings with a different color)

  • Spam your designs. The way this works is each person has their own post, and will update it. DO NOT SPAM MORE THAN ONE POST OF YOUR WORK!

  • Flame/troll/etc. We do NOT accept that here. If you do, there will be consequences.


  • List adoptables you've gotten before from someone else. This is the ONLY exception of using someone else's artwork.

  • Create and sell your adoptables!

  • Be supportive! Remember, everyone shares the same goal here.

  • Advertise! Please! Link back to us and spread the word! The more the merrier!

Follow the above and we won't have any problems! This community is open to anyone who wishes to share their designs. Remember: Be friendly and play nice, kiddies.


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