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sceneyena wrote in dawdoptables
 The original owner stepped down or something and so did the next it was passed on to, so then it was given to me.
SO YES say hi to your new owner I guess :'3c I promise to do my best!

Also soon enough I'll make an overall FAQ for this comm along with other things, but right now I'll just answer questions as they come... and post them on this entry for now! Ones I have gotten so farrr:

Q. Do we have to cut our adoptable posts?
A. Yes, but with this we recommend making thumbnails of a select few of the adoptables you're posting and cut below said thumbnails- this is to help garner interest to what you're giving/selling and make it easier to tell what's in store for those who look under the cut :333

Over and out for now! ♥

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ahh, that might explain why i haven't heard a thing from anyone. i had worked up an actual website design for the comm, if you were still interested?

Ohh, may I see it? I heard about the website but never heard of who was workin on it/what it looked like |3;;


right now the only fnished-ish pages are the home and contacts, but the template you see on the members pages is for an individual member page. it's way easy to recustomize any of the graphics/layouts of course. it's my code and my domain so i'm happy to do whatever you like XD

have you had a chance to check out the site so far?

Oop sorry, been out for a few days
Yes, I have! I was sort of wondering though, since there's a new banner and everything, that it could be changed over to that? I also wouldn't mind recoloring it if you wanted to keep the front page the colors they are now.
But I like it so far! :3

no worries! and i can change out anything and everything! content, images, layout, you just tell me what you want and i'll do my best!

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